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Lyme Bay Fisherman's CIC

In 2022, a group of 50 fishermen, scallop divers, potters, trawlermen, anglers and netters from across the four ports of Axmouth, Beer, Lyme Regis and West Bay came together in a workshop to plan the UK’s first grassroots, fishermen-led, fishermen governed Community Interest Company (CIC). The Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC is a not-for-profit created to help support coastal communities and the fishing industry across Lyme Bay.

These Fishermen are passionate about their trade, the sea they work in, and the communities where they live.

For too long, small-scale fleets, mostly owners/operators and micro businesses have suffered from little or no representation despite being the iconic heart of many coastal communities.  Individuals can find it difficult to engage with multiple workstreams and consultations in this highly regulated space controlled by Government departments, agencies, and non-departmental public bodies.

Mission Statement

We, the Fishermen, are committed to supporting the welfare and wellbeing of fishermen, local fishing fleets, and the coastal communities where we live and work. Considering the increased pressures from post-Brexit challenges, regulatory consultations, new MCA codes, and the overall complexity of the industry, which are all negatively impacting the mental and physical health of fishing fleets, our goals & objectives are:

  1. Enhance Stakeholder Engagement: Develop and deliver policies that prioritise the mental health and wellbeing of fishermen through active and inclusive stakeholder engagement;
  2. Regulatory Compliance: Assist fishermen in understanding, complying with, and effectively communicating regulatory requirements;
  3. Education Programme: Promoting good science by focusing on data collection, providing valuable insights into coastal ecosystems, weather patterns & marine resources, which can be used to inform better decision-making and resource management;
  4. Community Empowerment: By involving local residents in data collection & analysis, we empower them to take an active role in the sustainable development of their community, fostering a sense of ownership & pride, further contributing to the community’s resilience and long-term success;
  5. Sustainable Engagement: Promote sustainable community involvement by encouraging locals and tourists to participate in our projects and wellbeing activities;
  6. Communication and Interpersonal Skills: Improve fishermen’s communication and interpersonal skills to foster better relationships within the industry and beyond;
  7. Support Local Economies: Encourage the use of locally caught fish to bolster local economies and minimize environmental impact;


Through these initiatives, we aim to create a resilient, thriving fishing industry that values and protects its members and their communities.

education oUTREACH

Our programme to educate children about fishing methods and the different species of fish and shellfish that live in Lyme Bay.

Latest News

Keep up-to-date with all of the news and events from the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC.

meet our fleet

Meet the fishing captains, crews,  and key personnel in the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC.


The Last Custodians unveils the untold stories of inshore fishing and the resilient fishermen who navigate the waters across Lyme bay.


Our Lyme Bay Fish posters feature original artwork by Debby Mason and highlight the 50 species of fish and shellfish of Lyme Bay.

Scavenger Hunt

In the summer of 2023, the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC (LBF) launched a ‘fishy’ Scavenger Hunt across the four ports of Lyme Bay.

Where to BUY

See the listings of all of the stores in the area that sell fish and seafood caught by the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC.

Where to eat

See the listings of all of the stores in the area that sell fish and seafood caught by the Lyme Bay Fisherman’s CIC.